• Shannon Knight

A First on the Farm...

From April 23

So, today was another first. My son and I stood on my front porch and watched a lively exchange between the Amazon delivery driver and my neighbor's Peacock. The Peacock must have been waiting on a delivery because he met the driver at the van. When the driver didn't have anything for him, the Peacock enlisted the assistance of the Guineas to retain said driver. The poor driver tried to leave but didn't want to hit the muster (the official term for a group of Guineas).

Once the muster moved some, the driver channeled Dale Earnhardt and floored it. That didn't last long because the Peacock on his two little legs started chasing the van like a rabid dog! When the sweet Peacock lost hope in catching the van he suddenly remembered that he could fly. Thus, he took off and passed the van. Stopping in front of the van, causing a good old fashioned Mexican standoff.

Poor driver. He just wants to finish his deliveries and go home. And.... who would believe the day he had.... right. So, the sweet Peacock gave up on his package and let the Amazon driver go on his way. You guessed it, another moment to channel a race car legend. This time, the Amazon driver made a clean getaway, to my dismay. And so goes another day in the life on our little farm.

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