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Sustainable Farming/ Free Range Chickens

Looking for humanely treated, high quality eggs?   Our family run farm is committed to providing the healthiest eggs for your consumption. Our chickens get nutrients from the field, fruits and vegetables that would once be headed to the trash or compost pile, and supplemented with chicken feed. You will not regret the investment in your health.

Member of Local Hens. Check us out at https://localhens.com/farms/dixie-farm/



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I have been receiving eggs from this farm for over a year and they are awesome. The eggs have a great shell and are obviously fresh by the way the whites hit the frying pan. the quality is always the same and after speaking with the owner, I know that the chickens are being properly nourished for my nourishment later. Worth every penny...

Michael Gadomski

We have been using eggs from Dixie Farm for almost 2 years now. These are the freshest eggs I have ever had. When we go to pick them up, it is always a pleasant experience. The owners are friendly. I look forward to many more years of eggs from Dixie Farm.

MaryKay Schaffer


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546 Egypt Ardmore Rd
Springfield, Effingham County 31329